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Invoices, purchase orders, stock control, contact management, financial & marketing analysis, cash flow forecasts, budgets and much more.

Affordable Database Development with our Modular database system for Microsoft Access

More functionality and even better value for money

As professional software developers with over twenty years experience, we know that not all businesses can afford to commission their own bespoke software.  That’s why we have created our range of modular database templates for Microsoft Access.  By selecting from our stock of tried and tested modules, we bring you individually tailored software packages at affordable prices.

The modules have been carefully designed around an integrated framework with all the tables, fields and input forms needed to build complex custom applications.  You can start with a single module to manage say customer contacts or price lists, confident that it can be expanded as your needs grow.

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See our range ready-made templates based on the modular database system

The modular database concept

We know from experience that the same applications are requested over and again.

Of course, every business has unique needs but many are based on common themes.  You need a set of contact databases to store customer, supplier and employee information.  A product database to prepare price lists and invoices, maintain stock balances, re-order from suppliers.  A financial database for management reports, budgets, financial plans and cash-flow forecasts.

Naturally, each element must interact with the others and integrate with your accounting system and the internet.

So we constructed a comprehensive set of tables and input forms with all the fields you are likely to need.  We carefully matched the fields and input forms to ensure complete compatibility across the range of modules.

The result is a set of tried and tested components that simply slot together. With the basics already in place, we save valuable development time, you enjoy the benefit of affordable database development.

Custom template model

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Please Note

 We are currently updating our range of templates and modules for compatibility with Microsoft Vista ™ and Microsoft Office 2007 ™

Please contact us by telephone or E-mail to find the current availability.


Read on for more information and examples...

Some of our ready-made range of templates based on the modular database system:

  • Contact Management  Outlook compatible, personal & corporate, customers, suppliers, employees.  Hierarchal structure.
  • Stock Control  Buy & sell prices, discounts, in-stock, on order, sales analysis
  • Order Entry & Invoicing  Create orders from  stock - invoice now or later.  Invoices, order acknowledgements, part-shipments, back order listings, audit trail, optional stock control.
  • Purchase Ordering & Goods Received
  • Customer Quotations  Both compatible with our stock control & order entry templates.
  • Bill of Material Costing.  Components, assemblies, "where used" reports, full BOM explosion, unlimited nested assembly levels.
  • Cash Flow Forecasting  Current financial year reporting  plus automatically rolls out  your forecast for at least one year ahead.
  • Budget preparation  Includes a range of phasing options.  Import data from most major accounting systems
  • Job Booking  Allocate parts & labour, track progress,  WIP & status reports.  Multi-user.
  • Working Days  Calculates work days & Bank Holidays (including Easter).  Monthly payments rescheduled to nearest work day.  Indispensable for cash forecasting, payroll, HR applications.

Contact Database Templates

Contacts are at the heart of most applications; correspondence, buying, selling, HR.  Our four core contact templates, either singly or in multiple cover just about every possible permutation of personal and business contact.  They are Microsoft Outlook compatible which means you can import or select contacts from your address book.  Unlike Outlook, our contact templates are hierarchal.  Each contact, corporate organisation or individual, has a Parent identifier so you can have multiple individual contacts per department or organisation, subsidiary companies as part of a group and so on.

Product Database Templates

Our basic Products template includes part numbers and product groups with buy/sell list prices, discount structures by product or customer/supplier, in stock, on order, committed, max/min stock levels.  If you are engaged in manufacturing, we have a Bill of Material processing template with nested assembly levels and full BOM explosion.  Together with our Contact templates, the Product templates form the basis of many custom systems like Sales Invoicing, Purchase Ordering, Goods Received and Stock Control.

How the modular template system works in practice

Let's use the Order Entry & Invoicing template for our example.  The template already has all the fields, features and functionality you are likely to need.  You can use it straight out of the box but you will probably want us to customise at least the sales invoice so that it looks just like your existing invoice document.

You may also want it to generate purchase orders.  The basic template already has max and min stock levels and a suppliers table, so all we need do is add your purchase order document and a selection form.  By adding a goods received input form, we can then turn it into a full stock control system.

The template lets you dump selected information into an Excel spreadsheet so you can create your own sales analysis and Word mail-merges.  Or, you may prefer us to create custom sales reports for you.  Just send a copy or even a sketch of the reports you want and we will add them; either when you order the template or later when your needs have grown.

What software do you need to use our modular database templates?

Microsoft Office Professional (which includes Microsoft Access).  Some templates need Office 2000 or later - tell us which version you use when you contact us.  If you don't have Access, we can package the template in a special run-time version.  If you are not familiar with Access, don't worry - you don't need to be.



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